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Patient’s Pagers

From the first meeting, Zaffra conveyed confidence

and a consultative manner when reviewing my business needs…


“If you have a project that requires exceptionally complex
front-end design, there aren’t many firms out there
that have fully mastered the skills for success.
Zaffra is one of them.”

Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation

“Zaffra made adding bleeding edge technologies
to our mission-critical application a breeze.

Professional and thorough, you won’t be dissapointed “

Straight Edge Marketing

“We have used Zaffra on several critical projects and
every time they have come through in an amazing way.”

O’Reilly Media

“Whether it’s front-end or back-end development,
they’ve produced exceptional ideas, quality code,
and been a reliable partner on every project.”

Digital Reasoning Systems

“Zaffra has mastered the paradigm of underpromising
and overdelivering on a tight schedule.

Highly recommneded for your next web dev effort”

Sun Microsystems

“We engaged Zaffra to assist us in the development of a very high profile
web application essential to our product suite
They integrated easily with the existing team,
its procedures and processes.

Estimates were accurate and the work was solid.”