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“Agile Web Solutions” Defined

At Zaffra, our slogan has always been “agile web solutions” — a phrase that’s worth taking a moment to define and elaborate upon for a moment since we believe that it so uniquely defines our capability to deliver quality work at a reasonable price. Let’s look at each of these terms in turn…

Agile - We could stammer on about an assumed corporate identity and try to create the illusion that we’re really so much more than a 2 person startup (with some additional help that we hire in as contractors from time to time), but it would be disingenuous and undermine our integrity and core values to tell you that we’re anything more than two really detail-oriented software developers with fierce passions for efficient software development practices and lightweight business processes. Your time is valuable and so is our time. Being extremely efficient in managing our development practices and business processes allows us to keep costs low while still maintaining a healthy profit and having a lot of fun so that we stay energized.

Web – Although we’re both computer scientists with advanced degrees in computer scientists, the reality is that there are far more exciting business opportunities and ventures around the web than there ever will be in theoretical computer science. Bear in mind that the web is a broad infrastructure that’s now just as critical as roads, canals, or bridges. It’s laden with practically infinite opportunities and where the rubber really hits the road, where most of the excitement is at, and where we feel most at home. Whether it’s developing a traditional web application, an application or process to help you analyze some data, a mobile Android or iPhone app or just about anything in between, the chances are very good that we’ve been there and done that and have the customer references to prove it.

Solutions – You have problems, and we have answers — well, sort of. The truth is that we simply won’t work with you if we aren’t fully convinced that we can deliver you a solution that’s agile enough to be a win-win situation for you and for us. In other words, before we agree to work on your project, we have to know that we can implement your custom solution such that it meets or exceeds our own internal standards for quality so that you’re certain that you’ll be happy while also being certain that we can stay profitable and have fun along the way. We really do turn down work, and it’s almost always because one of those two conditions have failed during our initial project assessment.

So what does it all mean? It means that we’re a nimble web development shop that sweats the small stuff and takes tremendous pride in implementing agile web solutions. We’d love to serve as that catalyst that will accelerate your great new idea, whether it involves quickly iterating on and refining a design, prototyping a proof-of-concept application to demonstrate feasibility, or implementing a full-blown web application that supports multiple mobile clients. Feel free to contact us at any time for a completely no hassle, no pressure consult to see if you’re a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for you. (And no, we won’t add you to our mailing list. That’s not the way we roll.)